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A perfect smile is something most of us want. Some of us are lucky and never need to worry about misaligned teeth, but for some of us, that's far from the case. Our teeth are a source of embarrassment.

Best Orthodontic Dental Specialists

Perhaps your teeth are misaligned, or maybe they’ve become stained, chipped, or broken. Either way, we’d love to change your luck—to give you a perfect smile. Give us a call. We’re the best orthodontist in Boston!

We are competent and also experienced in dentistry, and because of this, we have the ability to provide a variety of solutions and specialists who work in one of our offices. All our dental practitioners are qualified and also accredited from leading institutions like Tufts and Harvard Dental School. This assures new patients like you that you remain in risk-free hands and can trust us with your oral wellness.

Does My Child Need Braces?

Hollywood did get one thing right—kids do get braces more than adults. This is because the sooner the corrective alignment process starts, the better the results will be. We advise that parents bring their children in for a consultation to assess the alignment of their teeth and their bite as soon as their adult teeth come in.It’s advisable to do this even if there is nothing visibly wrong with their teeth. We can assess whether or not there might be a problem later with overcrowding or with their bite in general.

Correcting Problems with the Bite

An orthodontist does more than just fit braces, though. If you have a problem with your bite, we might also fit you with headgear that corrects this issue. This is normally worn around your jaw, and the device itself may be connected to your braces.

Correcting Dental Conditions that Cause Facial Deformities

Again, there’s a lot more to being an orthodontist than simply fitting braces. One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs is to help those who have dental issues causing facial deformities. For example, where someone is missing teeth.

Sometimes, a dental problem is as simple as overcrowding of teeth the mouth. This is a fairly common issue. The solution is to remove the tooth or teeth that are exacerbating the problem. If braces are necessary after this, we can fit those too.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in these cases, and that’s why finding the best orthodontist in Boston is so important.

Chose Only the Best Orthodontic Dental Specialists

If you feel your smile is holding you back, come in and let us see what we can do for you. We don’t believe in false modesty – if you want the best orthodontist in Suffolk County, you’ve come to the right place.

Book a consultation today to find out what your options are. After a thorough examination, we’ll help you decide what the best corrective course of action is. We’ll explain everything to you step by step and give you an honest appraisal of what the costs will be.

We have built our reputation on providing the best care for our patients and charging fair rates. Put us to the test yourself, and you’ll have the smile of your dreams before you know it!